In-Flight Catering

We highly consider the specificities of the in-flight catering when preparing the meals for our customers.

We always go on the healthy choice We provide each day for our customers light meals, low in salt, free of Trans fat, and mildly spicy. Cold chain integrity is a very serious aspect that we strictly observe during the cooked products preparation.

We make all the special meals criteria set by IATA to meet customer’s demands and satisfaction.

We show consideration to passengers with special food needs and make it possible for them to enjoy our meals safely and in a total respect with each one of their requirements.

The catering services are the key factor in innovation and differentiation, for the Airlines companies,

Developing offers for alternative meals on customer’s request (halal, vegetarian, Kids and baby’s meals...) is a transformation of the traditional catering which became a genuine culinary experience , in particular for business class :

-Dietetic meals

-AVML Vegetarian (Hindu) 

-DBML Diabetic  

-LCML Low Calories

-LFML Low Fat

-LSML Low Sodium (Salt) 

-VGML Vegetarian (Vegan) 

-VLML Vegetarian (Lacto - Ovo) 

-Meals to meet religious requirements

-HNML Hindu Special meals 

-BBML Baby Meal 

-CHML Child Meal 

-FPML Fruit Platter 

-RVML Raw Vegetable

We delight passengers all day and every day. Your satisfaction is at the heart of our business.”