Air Algèrie Catering has launched an ambitious action plan to focus on the traditionally in-flight business, while opening up to other segments of the catering market.

A strategic action to diversify our customer portfolio. We are set for a new phase of growth creating value for our customers, and partners, in Algeria and beyond, we Offer catering solutions for large scale markets and individual consumers providing products customized to the needs of the different industries and consumers we serve with the finest quality, uncompromised food safety standards and delectable signature cuisines Up to the present day, Air Algèrie Catering is the only caterer in Algeria to operate in the inflight catering serving the passengers and the crews. We can also offer a first class catering services to assist you hosting all kind of events (seminars, meetings...).

We produce currently up to 4 million meals a year and we aim to deliver 20 million by 2025. A planned development which will allow us to be a modern catering centre and the leaders in the regional and African catering business.  

Our aim is to delight you with a unique dining experience, enjoying first class meals without flying is now possible!”